WWF launches ‘scorecard’ tool for local plans

Late last year, the EU agreed on its €17.5 billion fund to help countries move away from fossil fuels and polluting industries towards climate-friendly economies.Now it’s over to local authorities – together with national governments – to draft their plans to access the ‘EU Just Transition Fund’. 

But are these ‘Territorial Just Transition Plans’ up to the task, and how do they compare with each other? Will they ensure a socially fair economic change? Do they ensure everyone, including local communities and civil society, has their say and feels heard and supported? Will they really deliver emissions reductions to fight the climate emergency?  

WWF’s new online ‘build your own scorecard’ tool allows anyone to take a draft or final Territorial Just Transition Plan, check its quality and potential to deliver just transition, and see how others are doing in comparison. 

All you need to do is answer a series of questions about your plan, and the tool will give you a simple ‘traffic light’ result, classifying plans as green, yellow or red. 

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Katie Treadwell – Energy Policy Officer
WWF European Policy Office
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Sarah Azau – Media Manager 
WWF European Policy Office
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